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Europa 13/04/2024


Across Europe, the situation is similar, with potato planting still delayed in many early locations, and the weather outlook for the next week to ten days does not offer much optimism for additional improvement.

“First early processing crops were planted in Germany last week. The main processors are mostly using contracts and bringing later contracts forward to maintain supplies,” according to a recent IFA press release.

In Ireland, severe damp circumstances are delaying this year’s planting. Some very tiny numbers of early potatoes were planted in North Dublin last week, but the weather has once again hampered progress.

“Over the past week, it has been wetter than average in most areas, with rainfall amounts between 130% and 220% of average. The week ahead is forecast to be very unsettled, with heavy downpours which will lead to further delays. Current potato stocks continue to tighten and with the current weather forecast a gap in the market is very possible,” the IFA potato experts concluded.

Fuente: https://www.potatobusiness.com/agro-news/europe-potato-planting-is-still-delayed-in-many-early-areas/

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