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Europa 01/05/2024

Nueva Zelanda: Potatoes New Zealand continues to make a difference in the industry

Potatoes New Zealand continues to make a difference in the industry, driving many initiatives and creating positive outcomes for the industry.

With a purpose of listening, enabling and promoting better outcomes for the New Zealand potato industry, Potatoes New Zealand is heading in the right direction. Some of the areas of note that Potatoes New Zealand is making a difference include:

Research, Development and Extension

In the realm of research, development, and extension, Potatoes New Zealand has completed a substantial number of projects and continues to thrive. A diverse range of projects spanning research and development, multi-project programs, and initiatives like the Sustainable Vegetable Systems project underline Potatoes New Zealand’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. Potatoes New Zealand’s involvement in addressing sector specific challenges, such as Canterbury Potato Liberibacter and Potato Tuber Moth, emphasises its dedication to industry growth and advancement.

Potatoes New Zealand’s seed certification manager, Cyril Hickman doing a farm inspection

Grower Representation

Representation within industry governance groups and councils remains strong at Potatoes New Zealand, with active participation in various key bodies. Potatoes New Zealand’s also ensures it has opportunity to be at the table to sway government and regulatory bodies. Active relationships with government agencies is key such as MPI, MFE and MBIE.

This representation ensures that grower interests are effectively advocated for and that the industry’s vision is aligned with broader goals.

Education and Communication

Communication is key, with a strong online presence that includes daily social media updates, promoting New Zealand potatoes – fresh and processed across various channels.

Potatoes New Zealand created four new videos on pest/disease, innovation, and research and development that enhances knowledge sharing. Collaborations with partners and strategic campaigns have significantly extended the reach of the industry’s message.

Potatoes New Zealand chief executive officer, Kate Trufitt talking with growers

Potatoes New Zealand has contributed to the following:

Agronomists’ Forums providing a platform for knowledge sharing and networking among professionals in the field, enhancing expertise and best practices.

The distribution of education resources to schools and growers helped in spreading awareness and knowledge about potatoes.

Health and Safety workshops promoted safe practices and ensured the wellbeing of industry participants.

Publishing articles in NZ Grower magazine and generating positive news about potatoes in national media improved public perception.

The various events and activities organised during the year fostered a sense of community and collaboration among members.

Seed and Quality Assurance

Seed and Quality assurance remains a top priority for Potatoes New Zealand, with the continued revision and publication of the New Zealand Seed Potato Certification Rulebook and Seed Lines, reinforcing high-quality standards in potato production. The addition of two new team members to the in-house NZSPCA inspection team further strengthens seed quality control, and the update of Residue Compliance Information underscores Potatoes New Zealand’s commitment to safety and compliance.

Also to be noted in Potatoes New Zealand’s achievements:

Increased attendance at Agronomists’ Forums and the distribution of education resources showcased a growing interest in the industry.

The record attendance at the biennial conference and agronomy forum indicated strong engagement and collaboration.

Positive news articles in national media and the growth in the domestic market reflected a positive public perception and increased demand for potatoes.

Keeping the business running

Potatoes New Zealand has maintained a forward-looking approach, engaging with growers and industry to produce a recently updated the Strategic Plan and the Business Plan, clearly communicating its vision and direction to growers and stakeholders, ensuring Potatoes New Zealand’s long-term direction and growth.

For more information:

Sheree Phillips

Potatoes New Zealand

Email: sheree.phillips@potatoesnz.co.nz


Fuente: https://www.freshplaza.com/europe/article/9620909/potatoes-new-zealand-continues-to-make-a-difference-in-the-industry/

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