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 Buscador de Noticias
Norte Am. 15/08/2017

México: Sharp hike in Mexican fresh potato prices

The Spanish-language potato news website Argenpapa reports that potato retailers are experiencing a sharp rise in the price of fresh potatoes in certain areas of Mexico, especially in Tamaulipas, a state in the northeast of Mexico, bordering the U.S.

Juan Antonio López, owner of a local fruit and vegetable market in Tamaulipas, told Argenpapa yesterday that his wholesale supplier informed him of a rise in price for his next order. This came almost immediately after the court decision on a ban of imported U.S. potatoes became known last week.

The explanation given by suppliers is that they expect U.S. potatoes to be in short supply soon and given the fact that U.S. potatoes are in great demand and cheaper than the locally produced product, they have no other choice but to up prices.The Alpha variety, which is very popular in Mexico, is especially affected, and retailers are unsure how much the price for Alpha potatoes will rise in the near future, but a rise is definitely anticipated.“From what we have seen, it is already selling at 29 pesos,” says López, “while last Friday the price was at 15.50 pesos, so we expect people to buy lower quantities from us.”


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