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 Buscador de Noticias
Norte Am. 26/09/2017

EEUU: Larger potatoes in store for Colorado season

The new crop of potatoes has just commenced harvesting in the San Luis Valley in Colorado, and growers are pleased with what they are seeing.

Favorable weather has helped to foster ideal conditions and potato sizes are expected to average larger than previous years.

"The new crop began in earnest in mid-September," said Dave Yeager of Farm Fresh Direct. "Some of the early maturing plants commenced in early September but the main crop is now underway and is expected to remain in harvest through October 15. This year, we’re expecting a good crop and the size profile is looking a little larger than normal. We’ve had a combination of good weather and decent rainfall that has enabled the crop to be healthy. The larger sizes come about from time to time and although there is no direct explanation, this year’s conditions were indeed favorable for the plants."

Colorado market looking strong

The Colorado market is looking strong as the size profile will give it an edge over growers in Idaho. Prices remained firm as customers showed an inclination for the larger potatoes. Yeager explained that customers across different sectors were seeking out bigger varieties and this has attracted a higher price compared with their smaller counterparts.

"We have seen a strong demand from both the foodservice and retail sectors for our sizes. There has been a preference in recent years for larger potatoes in the bags," he said. "The market has been elevated as a result over the previous month and our summer crop enjoyed good pricing. This was until Idaho got into harvest which dropped prices down a bit in the last week."

"The market should remain steady over the next few weeks," Yeager continued. "There is supposed to be a smaller crop profile in Idaho, which will keep prices firm for the larger size Colorado crop. But we won’t know that for sure until we’re further into harvest."

For more information:

Dave Yeager

Farm Fresh Direct

Tel: +1 (678) 270-8910



Fuente: http://www.freshplaza.com/article/181900/Larger-potatoes-in-store-for-Colorado-season

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