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Europa 09/10/2017

Europa: Device to measure and analyze potato cell permeability before and after PEF treatment.

With Pulsed Electric Field Treatment increasingly replacing the traditional preheating step in potato processing, insight and quantification of the effect of the PEF treatment on the potato becomes more and more important.

The Membrana by Pulsemaster makes conductivity measurements of untreated and treated potato easy to apply

The Membrana by Pulsemaster makes conductivity measurements of untreated and treated potato easy to apply.

The effect of electroporation in the potato, before cutting

Pulsemaster’s Membrana conductivity measurement device will allow potato processors to measure and analyze permeability of the cells of the potatoes before and after PEF treatment.

With this device you are able to measure the effect of electroporation of vegetable tissue, during manufacturing. The objective of this conductivity measurement is to analyze the effect of PEF parameters in your raw potatoes. The PEF parameters will give you optimal treatment results for your potato cultivars, to make French fries and crisps.

The Membrana system is a versatile conductivity measurement device for measuring and analyzing plant tissue disintegration, operable in batch mode. CE approval is standard.


Pulsemaster supplies a conductivity measurement device to both the food and beverage industry, and the scientific sector. Under the brand name Membrana Pulsemaster we offer an easy-to-use conductivity measurement device to meet the customer’s research requirements. Pulsemaster’s Membrana can analyse vegetable tissue, such as potato and virtually any type of solids, and even liquids, for analytical and research purposes.

The Membrana system consists of a conductivity measurement device and multiple treatment chambers.

The system is compact and portable, easy-to-use and gives instant results.

Fuente: http://www.freshplaza.com/article/182687/Device-to-measure-and-analyze-potato-cell-permeability-before-and-after-PEF-treatment.

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