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Norte Am. 25/10/2017

EEUU: US potato sales across all categories see growth

August was a great month for retail potato sales in the United States, with all categories enjoying volume growth when compared to the same four weeks a year ago.

Deli potatoes (mostly potato salad) led the charge this month with a 2.9% increase followed by; Fresh up 1.3%, Dehy up 1.0%, and Frozen and Refrigerated both up 0.3%.

This is the second consecutive month of potato retail sales growth.

In the Fresh category, larger than 10 pound bags, 1-4 pound bags and 10 pound bags carried the category.

From a variety perspective, Fingerlings showed the most growth, up 23%, followed by Yellows, up 13%, with both russets and reds up as well.

Fuente: http://www.freshplaza.com/article/183477/US-potato-sales-across-all-categories-see-growth

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