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 Buscador de Noticias
Asia 07/11/2017

Jordania: Jordan refuses entry to Lebanese potato shipment

Last Wednesday, the Ministry of Agriculture of Jordan refused to grant entry to a shipment of potatoes imported from Lebanon totalling 7,000 thousand tonnes (30 trucks) after failure to provide the necessary documents that reassure the Jordanian side

The Minister of Agriculture, Engineer Khaled Al-Hunifat told Petra that Jordan and Lebanon maintain good relations, and that apart from this incident, the exchange of goods and commodities is going as usual.

It is worth noting that Prime Minister Dr. Hani al-Mulki explained during a telephone call with his Lebanese counterpart that any problems associated with the shipment of Lebanese potatoes could be solved if they are procedural, but that any issues that may compromise the product’s safety are unacceptable and won’t be allowed because the safety and health of Jordanian consumers is a red line that won’t be crossed.


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