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Asia 07/01/2018

Potato Production in China to rebound this marketing year

According to a GAIN-report prepared by the USDA staff in Beijing, China’s fresh potato production in marketing year 2017-2018 is forecast at 97 million metric tons, a five percent increase from the estimated 92 million metric tons

The increase is attributed to a continued increase of the potato growing area. China’s Frozen French Fries production is forecast at 250,000 MT, a 10 percent increase from 230,000 MT in MY2016/17, driven by strong domestic demand. Post forecasts China’s MY2017/18 FFF imports at 120,000 MT, about a 5 percent decrease from 126,620 MT in MY2016/17, due to increased domestic production. The United States continues to dominate China’s Frozen French Fries import market. 

Potato Production

Fresh Potatoes As the largest potato producer in the world, China’s MY2017/18 fresh potato production is forecast at 97 million metric tons (MMT), due to an expansion of potato area. During the 2016/17 season, production was forecast to increase 3 percent to 100 MMT, but actually dropped 5 percent to an estimated 92 MMT. This decrease was due to continuing drought in the North and large-scale late blight occurrences in the Southwest.However, due to a decline in corn area attributable to China’s recent corn reform and because 2017 spring potato prices were very high (the highest they have been in the last 8 years), industry sources report expanded potato area heading into the 2017 planting cycle......

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