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Europa 20/02/2018

Italia: BPotato cooperation agreement between Italy and France

Over the past few days, the Agripat delegation met up with André Minguy, vice-president of Triskalia representing Unpt (National Union of French Potato Growers) in Saint-Malo.

The meeting was set up by Agripat to promote its system to monitor the origin on fresh potatoes on a supranational level. Using a technique similar to an MRI, the system identifies the origin of potatoes coming from Emilia-Romagna or any other area.

"The French organisation showed a lot of interest, so much so that we established technical relations to analyse in depth the various opportunities available. Minguy stressed how the French judicial authority uses a very similar system to verify the origin of tubers in case of civil or penal disputes. The high cost of the single analyses, however, meant the system could not have a wider application," explains Agripat president Michele Filippini.

The system developed by Agripat makes single inspections inexpensive and can therefore be used to safeguard the work of producers in Emilia-Romagna as well as consumers who purchase tubers from that area.

Agripat can therefore verify whether a potato in any shop, warehouse or market comes indeed from the Emilia-Romagna area and thus sanction incorrect labels.

Such a system could help even single retail chains. Agripat will monitor the origin of potatoes autonomously as of the next campaign.

Another issue discussed was the fight against elateridae. Efforts should be combined to find a solution to this problem that is worrying producers on both sides of the Alps.

The meeting ended with an exchange of food gifts (none potato-based) and with an agreement to "remain competitors when it comes to selling products but to work together as good friends against elateridae and fraud."



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