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Europa 20/02/2018

Europa: European potato market overview for week 7

Industrial varieties: The global market remains generally calm and unchanged. Export is quiet (South-East of Europe, West Africa), and only releases small volumes.

General price, 35 mm +, min 60% 50 mm +, min 360 gr / 5kg of EPS, bulk, friable, selling price, excluding VAT, direct delivery.

Bintje: Quiet market. Between 2.00 and 3.00 €/a, depending on quality and destination. The high end is for potatoes which are to be peeled, as well as fresh fries. Demand for industry is very low;

Fontane and Challenger: around 3.00 €/a, in supported markets (offer is less than, or equal to demand). Higher prices for delayed deliveries.

Innovator: around 5.00 €/a.

European physical markets: summary of rates (source: NEPG):

Bintje Plant: Very little trade. Dutch plant, Class A, made in March 2018, per 5 tons, in bags, excl. VAT:

Size 28 - 35 mm : 52,00 – 55,00 €/a                                         

Size 35 – 45 mm : 32,00 - 34,00 €/a

Future market: EEX in Leipzig (€/a) Bintje, Agria and various related for conversion, 40 mm+, min 60 % 50 mm +


The problems with conservation quality haven’t been resolved yet in the Netherlands either. This means that there is always a forced offer (as is also the case in Belgium). The industry is working at full speed, with an increase in processed volumes compared to last year. Export to the Eastern countries is weak, and does not compensate for what was exported to Africa before Christmas.

Export: starting at a price between 3 and 5,00 €/a;

For firm pulp: between 8 and 12,00 €/a;

For soft pulp: between 5 and 9,00 €/a;

For red skin: between 11 and 16,00 €/a.

Quotation PotatoNL : also available on www.potatonl.com

France: Markets are quiet and stable, with unaltered prices. In export and on the fresh market, there is a quiet situation and a decline. Red skin shipments to Germany, Portugal and Italy.

Germany: In the fresh market, prices for producers have slightly decreased. On February 6, they stood at 10.75 €/a (-5.1%) for firm pulp, and at 10.56 €/a (-1.4%) for mainly firm pulp/mealy ( = soft pulp). Bulk storage is coming to an end, and the move to freezer stocks should see prices tighten somewhat. The Reka in the Rhineland estimates, with supporting arguments, that the move from bulk to cash should be accompanied by an increase of 5.00 €/a, knowing that this increase does not even cover production costs.

The market is firm and stable for potatoes for the industry (fries), in Rhineland (and elsewhere in Germany) for Challenger, Innovator and Fontane, with producer prices between 3.25 and 4.00 €/a. In chips/crisps, demand is significantly stronger.

In organic potatoes the prices for the producers are rendered for retail for the varieties of the expenses, always going around 48,00 €/a.

*you will have to deduct €1,00/a from these prices in their starting fields in the table above for sorting fees

Great Britain:

Average producer price (all markets combined) for week 6: € 9.88/a (€ 9.87/a on 02/02). British stocks on November 1st (sic!) At 3, 6 MT (millions of metric tons), 23% more than the previous season at the same date, and even the highest quantities since 2010/2011. Mass stock depletion, at a higher rate than usual. Hollow heart problems reported in Markies.

For more information:


Tel: +32 (0)81/61 06 56



Fuente: http://www.freshplaza.com/article/189685/European-potato-market-overview-for-week-7

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