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 Buscador de Noticias
Europa 06/03/2018

Rusia: Russia plans construction of potato processing plant in Smolensk

The administration of the Smolensk region wants to develop the region’s economy, with a great emphasis on the development of the "Feniks" State Industrial Park.

One of the investments that is going to be implemented in this Park is the project to build a plant for the processing of potatoes and the production of natural and modified starch.

According to the estimates, this project is very promising, because the demand for starch in Russia is constantly growing, and there are no plants producing this type of goods within a range of 1,000 km from the Smolensk region, as reported in a letter from Denis Beliaev, a Counsellor from the Sales Representative at the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Poland.

It is worth stressing that the Administration of the Smolensk Oblast will gladly help potential investors in finding the right area for the construction of the plant and in completing the necessary formalities. The region also has a legal and tax system that facilitates investment.

"The Smolensk region of the Russian Federation has good climatic conditions and a convenient geographical location, being halfway between Moscow and Minsk. Through the territory of the region runs the section of the Federal Route M1 "Belarus", which is part of the European route E30 and the Asian AH6. The construction of the China-Europe section of the "Silk Road" is planned in the Smolensk region for the years 2019-2020," said the letter.



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