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  • Cielos nubosos con chubascos tormentososCandelariaSan Luis, Argentina
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  • Cielos cubiertos con lluvias débilesChoele ChoelRío Negro, Argentina
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  • Cielos nubosos con chubascos tormentososSan Miguel de Tuc.Tucumán, Argentina
    19° - 26°
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Asia 18/09/2018

Turkia: High productivity for potato harvest in Bitlis

High productivity is expected from 50 million square feet of potato production areas in Ahlat, Bitlis, a city located in southeastern Turkey.

14 potato growers have been operating in the area and the productivity is expected to be higher than the previous year. 7 % of Turkey’s potato seed production takes places in the city and these 14 growers are given government support worth 400,000 USD to grow certified seeds. The seeds from the town are sold to many growers in other cities and contribute significantly to the local economy.

Fuente: http://www.freshplaza.com/article/201105/Turkey-High-productivity-for-potato-harvest-in-Bitlis

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