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Europa 17/10/2018

Austria: Potato, onion and carrot market in Lower Austria: Stable market situation

The warehouses of the marketers are filled well enough. However, there is a clear difference between gross and net yield this year.

Due to numerous qualitative defects, the numbers of defectives are particularly high this year. It is also unclear how much the farmers will store themselves this year.

In view of the high international price levels, some lots will probably be held back for later marketing. The prices are stable at last week’s levels. In Lower Austria the price for average goods is 18 to 20 euros per 100 kg and for larger sizes it is between 15 and 18 euros per 100 kg.

Satisfying onion exports

The Austrian onion harvest is now complete. The onion market presents itself as quite stable. The currently supply is offset by steady domestic demand. Ongoing promotions within food retailing are providing impulses here and there. The developments on the export markets remain encouraging. The interest in domestic goods remains lively and eventually, slight price increases were possible. Larger sized goods are particularly in demand. Producer prices are stable at last week’s levels. Onions, cleaned and sorted in the box -depending on quality and size- go for between 28 and 32 euros per 100 kg.

Well-balanced carrot market

The Lower Austrian Carrot Market continues to be stable. Harvesting work for storage is slow, given the unusually warm temperatures. The balanced market situation has not changed. Supply and domestic demand continue to mesh well. Producer prices haven’t changed compared to the week before.

Source: Landwirtschaftskammer Österreich

Fuente: http://www.freshplaza.com/article/9031071/potato-onion-and-carrot-market-in-lower-austria-stable-market-situation/

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