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 Buscador de Noticias
Europa 24/07/2018

Turquia: Potato harvest kicks off in Çorum

Producers in the state of Çorum, in central Turkey, have started harvesting this season’s potatoes. The state has seen its production increase considerably in recent years, making it one of the country’s largest growers.

The head of the Çorum Chamber of Agriculture, Mohammed Sayan, inspected the farms which have started harvesting potatoes in the municipality of Daliyar, accompanied by the director for food, agriculture and livestock in the state, Orhan Sari.

In a press statement, Sayan said that Çorum is one of the most important potato producers in Turkey, together with the provinces of Nevşehir and Niğde.

For his part, Sari said that the average yield of potatoes per hectare across Turkey is 3.5 tonnes, while the figure in Çorum reaches about 5 tonnes.

The total acreage devoted to potato cultivation in the state of Çorum stands at 12,500 hectares, which yield a total of 62,000 tonnes of potatoes.

The growers said that the production has been plentiful this season, and they believe that prices, which have risen recently, will decline as soon as the new harvest hits the markets.



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