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 Buscador de Noticias
Asia 19/11/2023

Tayikistán:Tajikistan is set to harvest over a million tons of potatoes

Farmers in Tajikistan have already gathered more than 790,000 tons of potatoes since the beginning of the current year, according to the country’s Ministry of Agriculture.

The potato yield per hectare is reported to be 240 centners, as per the source.

Experts predict that potato production in the current year, exclusively from farmer and public farms, is expected to exceed 900,000 tons. The Plant Management Department of the Ministry of Agriculture reports that over 33,500 hectares of land in Tajikistan were dedicated to potato cultivation this year.

Considering the potatoes grown by the population, the total potato production is estimated to surpass 1 million tons, as stated by the Ministry of Agriculture. As of today, Tajikistan’s agricultural product reserves amount to about 660,000 tons, with approximately 168,000 tons being potatoes. Additionally, refrigerated storage holds 1,266 tons of potatoes, to be used in early spring when agricultural product reserves are depleted.

The price of potatoes in Tajikistan’s markets remains stable at around 0.34 to 0.5 euros per kilogram. Interestingly, potatoes are currently available at slightly lower prices in retail outlets. However, it turns out that these are Russian potatoes, sold at a discount due to spoilage during transportation.


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