Viernes 10 de Abril de 2020
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  • Intervalos nubososBalcarceBuenos Aires, Argentina
    - 19°
  • Cielos despejadosVilla DoloresCórdoba, Argentina
    12° - 24°
  • Intervalos nubososRosarioSanta Fe, Argentina
    12° - 23°
  • Cielos despejadosEstacion UspallataMendoza, Argentina
    - 24°
  • Cielos despejadosCandelariaSan Luis, Argentina
    12° - 25°
  • Cielos despejadosChoele ChoelRío Negro, Argentina
    13° - 27°
  • Cielos nubosos con lluvias débilesSan Miguel de Tuc.Tucumán, Argentina
    16° - 22°
 Buscador de Noticias

Suiza: COVID-19 macht Kartoffelimporte notwendig

Wegen der Corona-Krise wurden Kartoffelimporte nötig. Ruedi Fischer, Präsident der Kartoffelproduzenten, warnt im Gespräch mit Schweizer Bauer aber ausdrücklich vor einer Ausdehnung der Kartoffelfläche.

Europa 07/04/2020

Reino Unido:

A shift in market requirements for potato industry. In light of the coronavirus outbreak reaching the UK in January 2020 there has been significant development, ultimately changing the way the potato industry has been functioning.

Europa 07/04/2020

Canadá: Canada needs potato varieties suited for climate change

With climate change also becoming a thing on Canada’s crop lands, identifying and/or developing new potato varieties that can grow in warmer temperatures is one of the goals of the research teams of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC).

Norte Am. 07/04/2020

China: Price of new Chinese potatoes continues to fall

Many potato traders with stock in storage have grown worried about the condition of the Chinese potato market. The market is quite weak and the delivery speed has slowed down. The reasons for this development are as follows:

Asia 07/04/2020
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