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Europa 07/01/2019

Growth in Northern Ireland’s potato market welcomed

The size of Northern Ireland’s retail potato market value has increased by 2.2%, or £1.0m, for the 12 months ending November 30th 2018. The latest Kantar figures show that the market was valued at £44.7m for the year.

This comes on the back of significant increases in all potato market trends recorded for the year ending May 31st 2018. According to Wilson’s Country CEO Angus Wilson, this welcome development for the sector can be accounted for by an increase in consumer demand and a moderate rise in prices.

“All of the important markers for the potato industry are showing a positive trend at the present time. These include the number of consumers actually buying potatoes,” he said.

Significantly, potatoes enjoy a 96.9% market penetration in Northern Ireland. This means statistically that 96% plus of the population buy potatoes at least once in the six month period.

Angus Wilson attributes the rise in demand for potatoes to a number of factors.


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