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Asia 16/07/2019

China: New harvest of Chinese potatoes about to enter market in large volumes, price likely to drop

Potato production areas are distributed widely across China. The harvest generally enters the market in large volumes in April and May.

The second harvest generally enters the market in large volumes in August. Many potato traders feel that the two supply periods are linked together and the price of potatoes in one season is influenced by the price of potatoes in the previous season.

The price of potatoes recently showed a clear upward trend. Potatoes easily survive storage and transport. Many traders decided to store potatoes and wait for the market to improve even further. What is the reason for the recent price increase?

Data shows that potato market conditions were quite good in April and May of this year. Many farmers made a decent profit. Zhang Min, data analyst at Zhuochuang Information, stated that the overall income of potato farmers was quite good this year.

The price is good and stable. The price of potatoes began to increase in early July as the supply of large volumes of potatoes gradually came to an end. Potatoes from Chifeng in Inner Mongolia and Weichang in Hebei are about to enter the market and provide a supplementary supply in the slow season. The additional supply will slow down the overall price increase in the Chinese potato market.

Source: Sannong Zhongguo

Fuente: https://www.freshplaza.com/article/9125865/new-harvest-of-chinese-potatoes-about-to-enter-market-in-large-volumes-price-likely-to-drop/

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