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Miércoles 15 de Agosto de 2018
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Francia: France expands potato acreage by 3.6%

According to a joint press release from the Union of Potato Producers and the sector’s Interprofessional organization, the potato acreage in France has reached 142,710 hectares, which is 3.6% more than in 2017, when there were 137,720 hectares.

Europa 17/07/2018

Venezuela: Food sovereignty in the Venezuelan Andes

In the remote Venezuelan state of Mérida, an interesting experience is taking place: the rescue of the native potato and other native foodstuffs. This is actually quite fundamental in terms of food sovereignty.

Latam 17/07/2018

Tanzania: Potato traders exploring Comoro Islands

Potato traders from Tanzania are set to export their produce to Comoro after the VIBINDO society initiative to find the right market in the archipelago off Africa’s east coast.

Africa 17/07/2018

South Korea: Overall potato consumption steady

Korean potato production is expected to increase to 530,000 metric tons (MT) in Calendar Year 2018, as potato farmers respond to higher prices caused by low supply in CY 2017.

Asia 17/07/2018
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