Domingo 18 de Noviembre de 2018
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  • Cielos nubososBalcarceBuenos Aires, Argentina
    10° - 21°
  • Cielos despejadosVilla DoloresCórdoba, Argentina
    12° - 26°
  • Cielos despejadosRosarioSanta Fe, Argentina
    14° - 24°
  • Cielos despejadosEstacion UspallataMendoza, Argentina
    - 27°
  • Cielos despejadosCandelariaSan Luis, Argentina
    15° - 29°
  • Intervalos nubososChoele ChoelRío Negro, Argentina
    11° - 24°
  • Cielos nubosos con chubascos tormentososSan Miguel de Tuc.Tucumán, Argentina
    16° - 26°
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Europa: PotatoEurope lockt Besucher ,rein in die Kartoffeln

Bockerode bei Springe, Hannover, ihre Tore. 239 Unternehmen aus 14 Ländern aus den Bereichen Züchtung, Düngung, Pflanzenschutz, Technik und Handel präsentieren ihr Informations- und Produktangebot rund um die Kartoffel auf einer Fläche von insgesamt

Europa 11/09/2018

Diquat doomed: The loss of this important desiccant in Europe

Despite significant dissent from some Member States, a recent ‘no opinion’ position in a Brussels Appeal Committee reviewing proposals for the non-renewal of approval for diquat looks set to result in the loss of this important desiccant next year.

Europa 09/09/2018

Bélgica: "Early potatoes all went to industry"

"September will be the moment of truth. My growers haven’t harvested yet so we don’t know for sure what the situation will be like. They are now slowly starting to harvest their produce."

Europa 09/09/2018

Finlandia: Finnish potato crisis at hand

This year, an estimated 15 to 40% fewer Finnish potatoes will be harvested. The Finnish Åland islands are one of the regions that will be hard hit in this respect.

Europa 09/09/2018
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