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 Buscador de Noticias
Europa 26/01/2024

Escocia: Scottish seed potatoes are exported to 28 countries

Scottish seed potato exports to Egypt are all but complete, with the majority arriving before the Red Sea situation escalated.

“There were initial concerns that we wouldn’t get the seed potatoes away in time, but we got the main volumes there before the freight rates went up and the shippers stopped sailing through the Red Sea,” explains Patrick Hughes from Scottish Agri Export Hub. “Seed potatoes are good of quality this season, in addition to Egypt we have also completed exporting to Thailand and Morocco and we are shipping to other key markets such as Indonesia and continue export to the Canary Islands. In total Scottish seed potatoes are exported to 28 countries.”

Volumes of seed potatoes produced in Scotland last year were marginally down on last year, they had the advantage of having been, for the most part lifted before the country was hit by severe storms at the end of last year. Unfortunately, the ware crop suffered from the heavy rain which flooded some fields, but compared to other countries Scotland got off fairly lightly as Ireland lost around 50% of the ware crop and The Netherlands and Belgium lost around 30%.

“Growers who have potatoes should be able to command a good price as the season progresses, but this maybe too little too late for some of them as after a few bad years with higher costs and problems harvesting they may consider potato production no longer viable and look to crops which are less hassle and safer to grow from a financial point of view,” said Patrick.

A few years ago, Scottish seed exporters lost a significant part of their market when Brexit regulations meant they could no longer export to Europe, but last year saw an opportunity open to export of seed to Northern Ireland through the Windsor Framework. This won’t make up for loss of exports to Europe but should amount to around 2,500 tonnes.

“Seed potatoes can be now exported and then planted for multiplication in Northern Ireland, which encouraging but the growing conditions in Scotland are more favourable and growers would prefer to grow them there.”

The Scottish Agri Hub will be back at Fruit Logistica again this year with increased collaboration. The stand is sponsored by the Seed Potato Organisation and James Hutton Ltd with support from the Department of Business & Trade. There will be representatives from these organisations on the stand as well as Scottish seed potato growers.

The Scottish Agri hub will in Hall 5.3 B40

For more information:

Patrick Hughes



Fuente: https://www.freshplaza.com/latin-america/article/9593710/scottish-seed-potatoes-are-exported-to-28-countries/

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