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 Buscador de Noticias
Europa 16/02/2024

Ucrania: Potato prices down for the first time since October 2023

According to the EastFruit, the Ukrainian potato market has seen a sharp drop in trade activity. An increase in the supply of potatoes has driven down the prices in this sector.

Farmers who had been raising potato prices almost every week since mid-October 2023 are now forced to lower them. As of today, potatoes are sold for 16-22 UAH/kg ($ 0.43-0.59/kg), which is 11% lower on average than the previous week.

The potato supply on the Ukrainian market surged at the end of last week, as farmers who had held back from selling in hopes of higher prices started to unload their stocks. They made this decision because of the fast decline in potato quality in storage.

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Meanwhile, farms with high-quality potatoes are holding off on selling, as they expect the demand for potatoes to pick up by the end of this month.

Fuente: https://east-fruit.com/en/news/ukraine-potato-prices-down-for-the-first-time-since-october-2023/

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