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 Buscador de Noticias
Norte Am. 16/02/2024

EEUU: Americans’ love for potatoes: More than just a side dish

In a revealing study commissioned by Potatoes USA, it has emerged that the humble potato is not just a staple in American diets but also a cultural cornerstone across various ethnic groups.

Despite the Dietary Guidelines for Americans emphasizing the need for increased vegetable intake, potatoes stand out as a frequent choice in American kitchens, with a significant 22% of Americans consuming them several times a week.

The nationwide survey, carried out in December 2023, delved into the eating habits of 1,000 adults. It aimed to uncover the frequency of vegetable consumption, the perceived value of vegetables, and their cultural significance. The findings are eye-opening, especially in the context of the ongoing conversation about healthy eating in the U.S.

Consumption Frequency

Twenty-two percent of Americans say they consume potatoes several times per week and 28% say they eat them once or twice per week. Overall, onions, leafy greens, and tomatoes are the most frequently consumed vegetables with 44%, 42%, and 34%, respectively, saying they eat them at least once per day or several times per week.


When asked to rank vegetable subgroups from most to least healthful, most consumers described dark green vegetables to be the healthiest and starchy vegetables to be the least healthy. This is commensurate with consumer perceptions of the healthfulness of specific commonly consumed vegetables.

While 60% of Americans report potatoes as being healthy, and 18% say they are very healthy, potatoes rank at the bottom of 10 commonly consumed vegetables’ perceived healthfulness. In fact, three out of four of the vegetables that consumers reported as being least healthy are in the starchy vegetable subgroup (white potatoes, sweet potatoes, and corn).

White potatoes fare better when ranked by consumers as part of an overall perceived value based on cost, nutrition, and taste. Nearly three-quarters (72%) of Americans consider potatoes to provide good value and 24% say they provide very good value. Non-white consumers are more inclined to give potatoes higher value ratings than white Americans.

Cultural Relevance

Fifty-three percent of consumers say potatoes are the most foundational vegetables to their culture when compared to other commonly consumed vegetables. This finding was consistent across most race/ethnic groups with at least half of white (54%), Hispanic (53%), Black (52%), and Native (50%) Americans citing potatoes as foundational to their family and cultural food traditions.

Skin (Peel) Consumption

Most Americans eat the skin/peel when they prepare potatoes. A full 85% say they consume potatoes with the skin when baked, 76% when roasted, 71% when mashed, and 58% when boiled.

Source: Potatoes USA. Original article here

Cover image: Credit Potatoes USA


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