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 Buscador de Noticias
Europa 04/11/2018

Gran Bretaña: How to sample soil for potato cyst nematodes

An infestation of Potato Cyst Nematodes (PCN) is one of the most damaging pest problems facing our industry. Estimated annual yield losses could cost the sector as much as £26m.

Sampling and lab testing are vital, as, at low levels of infestation, no symptoms are seen in the field.

This document provides a step-by-step guide to the sampling and testing process. If you have any further questions please contact your agronomist/advisor or your AHDB Knowledge Exchange Manager.

To download a copy of the publication, and/or an insert including contact details of laboratories that provide PCN testing, please use the links below. If you would like to order a hard copy of the publication please click here and send an email with your name, phone number, address for delivery and the name of your levy paying business(link sends e-mail) or you can phone 024 7669 2051.

 PCN - Sampling and Laboratory Guide PCN - Laboratory contact details insert


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