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 Buscador de Noticias
Norte Am. 12/06/2019

EEUU: Opportunities for potatoes in retail sales

IRI data for the January to March quarter showed many opportunities in the potato category, Potatoes USA reported earlier today.

Total potato sales dollars were up by 1.4%, however, volume was down by -2.6%, according to the organization.

Prices increased by 4.1% compared to year ago in all potato pricing, Potatoes USA says.

“Looking at the potato category more closely, there were two impactful categories in the top three types of potatoes. Frozen potatoes showed growth in volume by 5.4%. Chips declined in volume slightly from year ago by -0.3%. Fresh potatoes declined in dollars by -0.9% and volume sales by -5.6%.”

Russets and reds reportedly both declined in volume sales by -8.3% and -7.4%, which impacted the fresh potato category most prominently. Whites and medleys saw the greatest volume increases growing by 7.0% and 7.7%.

But, bags greater than 10 pounds grew in volume sales by 9.4% although they only account for 3.4% of all volume sales. The biggest decline in pack size was seen in 10-pound bags which declined in volume sales by -18.8%. This pack size accounts for 18.1% of all potato volume sales.



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