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Europa 20/08/2019

Suecia: 50 bucks for five potato chips

For those who feel premium A-brand potato chips just aren’t good enough, search no further. For the low low price of Rs 4000 (56 US dollars) you can be the owner of exactly five potato chips.

There is a Swedish potato chips company which is famous in the market due to its special potato. A Swedish Brewery named St. Eric has made the world’s most expensive potato chips. Strangely and shockingly, the pack of these chips contains only 5 chips, priced at $56, close to five thousand rupees. That means the price of one chip is close to Rs 784.

The packet of these chips is like a Jewellery Box. It has five different kits for chips. You can visit the company’s website to see its packing. That’s where Mark Erice, brand manager of st Erics company, says, "We wanted to serve a special snack with our company’s beer and the same status. We worked hard and made the world’s most special potato chips," he says.

The potato chips are made up of some of the most specialized ingredients available in the Nordic region and are prepared by talented chefs from the Swedish national team. In addition, these chips are available in five flavours such as Matsui mushrooms, truffled CVD, India Pell Ele Wort, Crown Dill, Lex Onion and (Leksand).

Source: NewsTrackLive


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