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 Buscador de Noticias
Europa 28/07/2020

Ucrania: Ukraine wants to build French fry production plant

Potato Agro, which sells potatoes under the BESTPOTATO brand, plans to launch its own processing plant next year.

Konstantin Sarnatsky, Business Lead & CEO of Potato Agro, said: “This will be the first or one of the first factories for the production of French fries in Ukraine.”

So far, plans are constrained by the situation related to the spread of the coronavirus, Sarnatsky explained. If quarantine measures practically did not affect the production processes, then the strategic goals have undergone adjustments.

“We need to organize construction, find specialists, and all contacts are practically closed. It is difficult to talk about serious cooperation, ”adds Sarnatsky, noting that the company is now supplying potatoes under a forward contract for processing into chips. 400 hectares of fields are used for this.

Another 400 hectares is set aside for potatoes, which can be processed into fries. As early as next year, the total area under potatoes should be more than 1000 hectares. In general, Potato Agro plans to increase its land bank by 40-50% annually.



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