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Asia 04/08/2020

Turquía: Turkey lifted restrictions on potato and onion exports

In January, Turkey imposed a permission requirement on the exports of potatoes and onions in order to prevent domestic shortages and price fluctuations.

Since then, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has been closely monitoring these products. As production reached to a desirable level, on July 19, the restrictions on the export of both products are lifted.

According to the product committees’ analyses, both products achieved sufficient levels to meet domestic demands which opened the possibilities for the exports.

Next is winter harvest

While, Adana and Hatay completed first onion harvests, Amasya started to harvest onions for winter as of mid-July. Harvests are expected to speed up in August; Ankara and Corum are next in line. In 2019, Turkey produced 2.2 million tons of onions. This year, production is expected to exceed last year’s and reach 2.35 million tons.

First potato harvests are also about to be completed in Hatay, Adana and Odemis, Izmir. Nigde and Nevsehir are expected to partially start harvesting potatoes for the winter as of mid-August and other cities will follow in September. Last year, Turkey produced 4.9 million tons of potatoes. This year the production is expected to increase to 5.2 million tons.

Fuente: https://www.freshplaza.com/article/9238433/turkey-lifted-restrictions-on-potato-and-onion-exports/

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