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Africa 06/04/2021

Bengala: Bengal potato output up by 16%

West Bengal potato production is estimated to be higher by nearly 16 per cent at 110,000 tonnes this year, compared to 95,000 tonnes in 2020.

The higher production Bengal and other key growing states -including Uttar Pradesh and Punjab- will most likely exert pressure on prices.

Wholesale price of the tuber has already halved to ₹800 per 100 kgs (€8.80) across various markets in the State compared to ₹1,500-1,600 (€16.50-17.60) in the same period last year.

Patit Paban De, former president of West Bengal Cold Storage Association, claims the rise in production is primarily because of higher area and the favourable climatic conditions during sowing and harvesting period.

In 2020, potato production in the state was impacted due to delayed sowing and unfavourable weather conditions during harvesting. The steady demand for the tuber from within the State as well as the neighbouring markets kept prices firm.

The wholesale price of the tuber had increased to nearly ₹3,400-3,500 per 100 kgs in mid-November last year. However, prices started inching down and were seen ruling at around ₹1,400-2,000 in early January.

[ ₹100 = €1.10 ]

Fuente: https://www.freshplaza.com/article/9306976/bengal-potato-output-up-by-16/

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