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Europa 01/12/2022

Irlanda: IFA: Potato consumption picks up in Ireland and Europe, ambient stores difficult to hold in the UK

Retail demand and household consumption in Ireland have picked up since colder weather has set in, as the Irish Farmers Association (IFA) reports in its weekly potato market report.

According to IFA, the last few weeks have been particularly challenging for growers harvesting as conditions were very poor, leading to higher-than-average waste. Drying and grading is also very slow due to high levels of soil contamination.

Between 15-20% of crop remains to be harvested in Ireland, with areas of Cork and the north east worst affected. At this point in the season the risk of frost damage is a big concern.

Storage costs are a multiple of last year’s costs and growers must immediately receive an increase at farm gate level to compensate for this, IFA says.

In the U.K. ambient stores are difficult to hold while it has been so mild and “wets” in bags are a problem for some growers, particularly where crops were lifted late. Sprouting is also causing growers to market crops earlier than intended. Although demand has not been strong this week, some growers with best quality samples are trying to force value higher.

According to IFA, domestic markets are reported to be showing some signs of increased consumption across Europe, and prices are holding steady.

Source: IFA Potato Market Report

Photo: Credit fourpointie from Pixabay

Fuente: https://www.potatonewstoday.com/2022/11/24/ifa-potato-consumption-picks-up-in-ireland-and-europe-ambient-stores-difficult-to-hold-in-the-uk/

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