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 Buscador de Noticias
Asia 16/02/2024

Corea del Sur: Korea to provide Potato seed to Pakistan for producing virus-free seed

The Republic of Korea under its Technical Cooperation Projects (TCP) would provide 160,000 tons of certified seed potatoes to Pakistan during five years.

The initiative maiming at to ensure the availability of virus-free seeds potatoes and contributing significantly to the agricultural sector development, said Chairman Pakistan Agriculture Research Council (PARC) Dr Ghulam Muhammad Ali.

Talking to APP here on Sunday, he said that four aeroponics greenhouses, 32 screenhouses and supplying a cold store and 100 KW solar systems to meet goals would also be established.

The PARC) in collaboration with Korean Program on International Agriculture (KOPIA) was working on aeroponic technology, which will transform Pakistan’s potato production, he added.

PARC-KOPIA were also working for achieving self-sufficiency in potato seeds, which would reduce the reliance on imported seeds.

He further informed that only 2% of Pakistan’s potato seed requirement was being fulfilled locally and we relied on importing 98% of its seed demand.

With the implementation of this cutting-edge facility, Pakistan is poised to achieve self-sufficiency in potato seed production, he added.—APP

Fuente: https://pakobserver.net/korea-to-provide-potato-seed-to-pakistan-for-producing-virus-free-seed/

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