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Oceania 01/03/2024

Australia: From accidental spud farmers to major suppliers in Australia

In an unexpected twist of fate, Terrence and Wendy Rattray found themselves transitioning from a modest endeavor into prominent potato producers within the Australian market.

Originating from a small-scale operation, their venture, Yum Tasmanian, has impressively scaled up to an annual production of 7,000 tonnes of potatoes, predominantly servicing major supermarket chains across Australia. The inception of their potato farming journey dates back to 1995, sparked by an incidental foray into growing potatoes which, as Terrence vividly recalls, "accidentally started growing a few spuds and it just snowballed from there."

The couple’s venture into agriculture was initially motivated by a desire to rehabilitate a piece of land following Terrence’s recovery from a workplace injury. Acquiring 160 acres of underutilized cattle pasture, they initially envisioned managing a modest cattle herd. However, their adept business acumen unveiled a more lucrative opportunity in organic potato cultivation. Despite the Tasmanian potato industry’s varied cultivation practices at the time, the Rattrays persevered, learning from their experiences and gradually amassing a wealth of knowledge in organic farming principles. This approach has not only cemented Yum’s reputation in the potato sector but also allowed them to diversify into onions, further strengthening their market presence.



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