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Europa 13/04/2024

Irlanda: Unprecedented weather conditions disrupt potato planting in Ireland and across Europe, market gap looms

Ireland’s agricultural sector faces significant challenges as extreme weather conditions continue to delay potato planting, a critical component of the national economy.

According to the latest weekly potato report from the Irish Farmers Association (IFA), persistent wet conditions have not only hindered this year’s planting efforts in North Dublin and other regions but have raised concerns about a potential market gap in the near future.

Minimal planting progress in Ireland

In a year marked by climatic irregularities, farmers in Ireland have encountered rainfall levels between 130% and 220% above average, creating conditions unfavorable for potato planting. The IFA report highlights that only minimal progress has been made in planting early varieties, with continuous rainfall causing a cessation of these activities.

The forecast for the upcoming week, promising heavy downpours, offers little solace and suggests further delays.

Europe grappling with weather setbacks

This situation is not confined to Ireland alone. Across Europe, the potato industry is grappling with similar setbacks. Planting has been delayed in many regions traditionally known for early potato production. Germany has managed to plant the first early processing crops last week, but the overall scenario remains bleak.

As a direct consequence of these delays, current potato stocks are tightening. There is growing concern within the industry that this could lead to a significant gap in the market. This potential shortage is exacerbated by the weather forecast for the next week to ten days, which offers little hope for improvement.

Processors taking measures

The IFA report indicates that main potato processors are taking proactive measures to mitigate the impact of these delays. Many are utilizing existing contracts and advancing later contracts to maintain a steady supply chain. However, the extent to which these measures can compensate for the loss in planting time remains to be seen.

This developing story underscores the intricate relationship between agriculture and climate, highlighting the challenges that unpredictable weather patterns can pose to food security and market stability.

Source: Irish Farmers Association (IFA). Original report here

Photo: Credit IFA

Fuente: https://www.potatonewstoday.com/2024/04/03/unprecedented-weather-conditions-disrupt-potato-planting-in-ireland-and-across-europe-market-gap-looms/

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