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Europa 01/01/2019

Belarus president presents Putin with four bags of potatoes

The President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, reportedly presented the head of Russia, Vladimir Putin, with four bags of potatoes to honor the New year.

This was reported by the TV channel “Belarus 1”, noting that this was a request by Putin personally, who has previously ordered fat from Lukashenko, a columnist writes.

Potatoes was reportedly on special order, because once, perhaps in a joke, Alexander Lukashenko has asked Vladimir Putin whatever else he wanted as President – “our whole country?”, and the answer sounded like this: “Well, what else can you ask from Belarus? The potatoes and bacon?”. in response, Eismont said: “Well, for us, we brought four bags of potatoes…”

“Some for frying, some for pancakes, some for the mashed potatoes, everything was signed.” Lukashenko then gave Putin the Belarusian fat and four bags of potatoes.

Fuente: The Siver Post

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