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  • Intervalos nubososChoele ChoelRío Negro, Argentina
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  • Cielos nubosos con chubascos tormentososSan Miguel de Tuc.Tucumán, Argentina
    20° - 31°
 Buscador de Noticias
Europa 22/09/2020

Rusia: Growth in potato prices recorded in Russia

This week, potato prices have increased in Russia, according to analysts of the EastFruit project. As expected, the increase in prices coincided with the start of the mass harvesting and storage of late varieties on the farms of the central zone

Producers in these regions are currently offering relatively small volumes, keeping the bulk of those potatoes in storage. At the same time, local wholesalers, and especially buyers from the southern regions of the country, are now also willing to purchase large quantities of potatoes for ongoing sales and storage.

So, since last week, potato prices in Russia have increased by an average of 12%. Growers in the main production regions report prices ranging between 9 and 16 rubles / kg ($ 0.12-0.21 / kg).

It is worth noting that in the same period of 2019, Russian producers were selling their potatoes for about 20% cheaper prices than today. Market operators say that this price difference is due to a reduction in the yield as a result of unfavorable climatic conditions during the growing season, especially cold in the spring and heat and dry weather in summer.


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