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Asia 23/02/2023

India: Know How ’Fake Potatoes’ are Making Headway in Both Rural & Urban Markets

The market is brimming with ’fake’ potatoes! ’Hemangini’ or ’Hemalini’ potatoes are sold in the market at Chandramukhi prices, but they taste nothing like Chandramukhi.

When you put them side by side, it’s difficult to tell which is a Chandramukhi potato and which is a Hemangini potato.

Chandramukhi potatoes are priced between Rs. 20 and Rs. 25 per kg in the market. The Hemangini potato should cost between 10 and 12 rupees per kg there. However, some unscrupulous traders are passing off Hemangini potatoes as Chandramukhi potatoes in the market. As a result, buyers are in difficulty.

According to a member of the Hooghly Agricultural Cooperative Society, the Hemangini potato is essentially a mixed variety of potato. This potato is grown in various parts of Punjab and Jalandhar. These potato seeds are imported from other states. This potato is also grown in various locations throughout Hooghly. This potato cultivation produces a high yield. Whereas Chandramukhi potatoes produce 50 to 60 sacks per bigha, this potato produces 90 to 95 sacks. Although the production rate of this potato is high, the market demand for it is very low.

First and foremost, these potatoes do not want to be properly cooked. Second, these potatoes aren’t particularly tasty. "It is very difficult for people in urban areas to differentiate between Hemangini potato and Chandramukhi potato from the outside," said Hooghly District Agriculture Officer Manoj Chakraborty. Hemangini potatoes are created by crossing Jyoti potatoes with Chandramukhi potatoes.

Because this potato is a hybrid, it can be grown quickly and cheaply. This potato is grown in the Hooghly district’s Purshura and Tarkeshwar regions. The Chandramukhi potato takes three to four months to grow. These hybrid potatoes are grown there in about a month and a half to two months. Farmers can grow this potato twice in a single potato season. Hybrids also have a higher production rate.

Several dishonest traders are passing off this Hemangini potato as Chandramukhi potato. It is difficult to fool the villagers because they are associated with agriculture and can identify a potato by sight. However, unscrupulous businessmen continue to operate by easily duping the people of urban areas or slums. How do you tell the difference between a Chandramukhi and a Hemangini potato?

"It is very difficult to recognise two potatoes from above," Agriculture Director Manoj Chakraborty said. "They both have thin skin. However, this potato can be identified in two ways. First, consider the internal colour variation between the two types of potatoes after peeling. The inside of the Chandramukhi potato is light beige, while the inside of the Hemangini potato is white. Second, by tasting, you can determine which potato is superior. Hemangini is not at all tasty. Not cooked properly."

Fuente: https://krishijagran.com/news/know-how-fake-potatoes-are-making-headway-in-both-rural-urban-markets/

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