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 Buscador de Noticias
Europa 12/12/2018

Irlanda: Ireland imported 72,000 tons of potatoes in 2017

Ireland imported 72,000 tons of potatoes last year, as total imports of goods cost approximately €79 billion. These figures come from the Central Statistics Office which also revealed that Ireland exported €123 billion worth of goods in 2017.

In total, Ireland exported €12.3 billion and imported €7.7 billion worth of food and drinks during the year. In addition to potatoes, Ireland imported 21,000 tons of coffee, 280 million litres of sugared non-alcoholic drinks, 70 million litres of mineral water and 83 million litres of wine.

The country’s exports included 229,000 tons of cheese, 210,000 tons of butter, 165,000 tons of infant formula, 436 million litres of beer and 30 million litres of whiskey.

Breaking it down, figures show that Ireland imported 20 kg of bananas, 13 kg of apples, 10 kg of onions and 7 kg of carrots for every person in Ireland. The UK was also Ireland’s largest partner for both exports, €4.6 billion, and imports, €3.7 billion, of food and drinks.



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