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 Buscador de Noticias
Norte Am. 12/06/2019

EEUU: McCain Foods unveils distribution center expansion in Idaho

This past Monday, one of the largest potato manufacturing companies unveiled a $200 million distribution center in Burley, ID. McCain Foods held a grand opening ceremony of a 259,000 ft2 expansion of its distribution center.

The company has been operating in Burley since 1997. The ceremony invited city leaders, state elected official, and its growing partners to take a tour of the new center.

Dale McCarthy, vice president of Integrated Supply Chain with McCain Foods, said the expansion is a need to meet the demands in the market and the expansion facility would increase job opportunities.

"Incremental 180 jobs, 10 to 15,000 acres of incremental potato use and all the supporting industry that goes with it," McCarthy said. "There’s global growth going on in the potato industry and Idaho is the ideal place to grow our business to support that."

The Burley center employs more than 730 employees. Other keynote speakers included Idaho Rep. Scott Bedke, Burley Plant Manager Jeff McCray, and Director of Economic Development Doug Manning.



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