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 Buscador de Noticias
Asia 13/01/2022

Corea del Sur: Orion halts potato chip production

Orion Corporation is South Korea’s leading confectionery company. Now, due to due to difficulties in securing potatoes, it has put a halt to production of potato chips.

The US state of Idaho, the world’s largest potato producing region, suffered a big drop in its potato harvest due to abnormal high temperatures, coupled with the pandemic making it difficult for potato farmers in the state to find workers.

Orion requested large discount stores and convenience stores to stop ordering Pocachip in the middle of December 2021 as Pocachip production was disrupted due to difficulties in securing US potatoes.

Major Korean confectionery companies use homegrown potatoes from May to October and imported potatoes from November to April. In particular, they mainly use Atlantic varieties from the western United States, as they are inexpensive and have good quality.


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